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Funny, Not - so - funny Story

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Good evening bearded gents I hope you are all very well. I just wanted to throw out this emergency blog tonight as this subject has been covered time and time again by a lot of reviewers and folk within the bearded community and still to this day I'd be pretty certain that this falls on deaf ears! So what is it...CPSR!

Firstly tho let me give you a little brief rundown of what this is ( for a more in-depth analysis detail jump over to Anyways the abbreviation CPSR stands for Cosmetic Product Safety Report which is a legal document provided by a chartered chemist within the UK and or EU enabling the responsible person, in this case, yours truly. To sell legal, safe, and tested products to the general public. And yes it is a LEGAL REQUIREMENT and you could be fined or face a prison sentence if you trade without it.

Now, this brings me to my funny not-so-funny story. I started Big Phat Beard coming up to two years this forthcoming July, before bringing my products to market I did the correct thing and had them all CPSR tested and I used Naturally Balmy a UK/EU Based Chartered Chemist.

Thank God that I have done this and here is why, this doesn't happen very often but today it. I received a pleasant phone call from my local Government and Environmental health officer regarding the products I sell. This is a new thing and companies are chosen at random.

They have requested I send them one of each product so they can send them off to an independent chemist to ensure they are skin safe and we meet market compliance. Now you are asking yourself, ok so what's the big deal you have your CPSR! Yes indeed I Do and I know I meet the requirements already due to doing my due diligence at the beginning and going through the process to ensure I am a UK compliant company.

This is just a short blog and a little warning to any guys out there currently trading without this because the good old saying goes " Long runs the fox" you may only get away with it for so long until either a) You burn someone's face clean off or b) The environmental health officers come knocking and trust me they are relentless and have more powers than what you know.

I have been pretty lucky as I have dealt with my local Enviro officers a lot previously and know exactly how strict they can be, after all, I am "manufacturing" cosmetics and selling them so it is totally understandable why there are such rules which are enforced and rightly so!

A quick shout to all the bearded community both consumers and companies longer serving and new please please please get your CPSR if you haven't already done so and consumers if you know or suspect a company trading without it give them a friendly nudge and tell them to wise the fuck up!

Let's keep the high standard we are all used to and keep our community safe!

P.s keep an eye out for the next blog as ill be posting the report I receive from Environmental health!


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