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Whats Next for me?

The Next Beard Stage...

So, what next for my beard and Big Phat Beard as a business? If you guys follow me you'll see that recently I had a story posted on my IG profile asking two questions.

Should I keep my beard as it is or Grow it out another 4 inches? The results and engagement on the said story were great that most of you selected the answer I was hoping for (grow it of course) resulting in 179 votes for the growth stage. All you other guys who said leave it as it is, don't blaspheme me this is BIG PHAT BEARD!

John, why would you want to grow it out? Would it not get in the way? It'll take a lot more maintenance to keep it looking great!

Well yes of course all of the above is true but you know what, Fuck it I want to reach my terminal beard length. I want to have a BIGGER PHATTER BEARD because I am the beard behind the business or all over as I do love an old selfie. But you get my drift, plus its in the name so I must practice what I preach!

The maintenance of it is absolutely no problem and for you guys who don't know I'm a barber and have every tool at my disposal daily to help groom, cut, shape, and style as well as the helping of my products.

Will it get in the way? Abso-fucking-lutely and it already does. Do I need to go over the cons of having a beard with a bit of length, NO! But it looks like I'm going to! Yes I lie on it while I'm sleeping, yes it is curly as hell when I wake up in the morning, yes it stores more food than Tesco after every meal, yes it is GOD DAMN sore when my 3 year decides its a swing on daddies face but hey this is what it's about! And would I change it for the world, YES! And I am going to, it is going to get worse with the growth and I cannot fucking wait!

What else has been happening then? I have just confirmed Five new scents in our oil and balm range bringing our total scents to 10. I am super excited about the release of these as three of them are fragrance oils, which approx 1 year ago I was dead against. I did decide tho to purchase ALOT of fragrance oils and have been blending them together now for quite a while, the scent profiles I have created I feel are nothing short of amazing but you'll just have to wait for those.

I have also been playing around with a replacement or replacements for the black soap I'm still undecided with this, what do you think? however, the first draft was the Green soap it was lovely don't get me wrong but the scent

just didn't have enough oomph. The most recent one was made today and just tested this evening, the scent profile is PUNCHY! and you definitely know your beard is being cleaned it's an absolute winner!

I mean have a look to the left it looks incredible don't you think? Ill give you one profile of the scent and that's all, GRAPEFRUIT!

I Have also been completely flat out with barbering especially helping local guys with their beard maintenance and grooming and to say the least I'm absolutely loving every minute of it, these guys have been giving feedback on a lot of scent profiles I have been making and the majority of things has been so positive apart from the odd rogue oil here and there but that's to be expected, hence why we test, test then test again.

Exciting times ahead guys and as always I would like to thank you for your continued support it means the world. Just before I go ill be doing a special shout out on each blog for someone or group who deserves it, this time its going to be to so thanks to Tony The Bearded Brit for checking half of this blog for grammar as I know he will be berating me for the bad grammar throughout the rest of it!

The Final shout out is to all the lads over at Helheim's Ulfhednar as they recently sent me one of their fantastic hoodies, I'm so grateful guys Thankyou!

That's about it for now guys your all up to date with what's going on at the BPB HQ just keep an eye for release dates and special announcements.

P.s feel free to comment underneath the blog guys and let me know your thoughts.


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