Bearded Dad - Big Phat Beard


Wow, you have decided to take the first step in achieving bearded greatness. You have arrived at the
perfect place but first, let us tell you a little more about ourselves and how we became to exist.


Have you had something for many years, tried so many different products on it and could not find
the one you love EVER? Well that’s what happened to me. I am John, it’s nice to meet you and thank
you for landing with us here @bigphatbeard.

Bearded man - Big Phat Beard
Cool Bearded Guy - Big Phat Beard

I have had a beard for as long as I can remember and been told (mainly by my mother) to get that shaved, it hides your good looks, maybe I have a face only a mother could love eh?


Anywhoo enough was enough I could not find a product not only I loved but my beard loved. Having the curliest of hair does not bode well when trying to style your mane, something had to give.

And so you guessed it I decided to make my own beard care products with all natural ingredients and no artificial additives. I want my big phat bearder’s to know they’ll be using the purest products mother nature has to offer.

After a serious length of time and inches of beard growth later we finally clocked it, we had developed products that nailed it, I absolutely love them. All we needed was a name to go with the product, that part was easy. Who better to ask than your other work colleagues who would rather do anything but the job theyre actually there for.

And there you have it, BIG PHAT BEARD was born. Since you’re here you may as well have a look
around and see what we have to offer, trust me you and your beard will love us.